Next week I will invent a world that works.                  

A world that works will be a place
for us to play in.

It will be a home sweet home with a heart and a hearth to warm our feet on.

There will be room for infants
and outfants and elefants too.

Enough headroom to grow minds up,
enough legroom for every dance
of life and the kitchen will always
be clean and the toilets too.

A world that works will provide us
each with a home in the sun
or in the snow - and it will
always be comfortable.

There will be privacy and publicry
built into every room in every home
              on the vast range of world designed
              to work while we play.

Play will consist of fun and games and drama and action and interaction -
no more will reaction move us wrongwards.

A world that works will always be right because no one will ever be
left out of it.

It will be a rubbery stretchable bouncing ball
of a world and nobody can ever get seriously hurt in it -
unless they insist.

And if the world that works
doesn't last forever
we'll invent a forever
that works.


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