Angels in the wings of silence
Invisible in the blind man's eyes
Bloodstains on the whip of violence
At crack of dawn a beggar dies

Catastrophe has come to stay
Fantastic trains have had their day
Caravans across the sea
Ex-cosmonauts are on their knees

Mystery shows between her thighs
History knows the reasons why
Fortune smiles on those who pray
Fate is kind to them that pay

Soft umbrellas shade my head
From cold wind, snow and volcano
Buddha told us how to go
But didn't reveal everything he know

Moses said give up the cow
Jesus said to live for now
People falling in the sewer
Don't make truth a little truer

Muhammad's mum is selling meat
Porkchops are fine if you've nothing to eat
My porridge bowl is always clean
Old McDonald is evergreen

The church is standing on the hill
And the pope is sleeping on the pill
Poor Mary saw her little lamb
In the stewpot of Uncle Sam

Cop hides in the bushes all alone
Arresting doves that won't come home
The judge is sorry for what he's done
Says son, get yourself a gun

Arabs grow fat drinking oil
Lobsters turn red on the boil
The boss is brown and likes to frown
So go to town and burn it down

Words have ways that make you wonder
Why your head's on top when your feet are under
Mark this, Matthew, Luke and John
I was alive before you were born

Days of joy around the Sun
Haven't you heard that we're all One
All we need now is some fun
Soon as all our work is done


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