I was born at home at 11 to 11 on the morning of January 7th 1950 in Batu Pahat, Johore, Malaya.

I was the 7th child conceived. Three others before me never made it to this planet. I had an entirely happy childhood until my 11th year when I was hauled up by the headmaster, called a "bad hat" and flogged. My worldview altered radically.

At 17 I went to the US on a field scholarship and the first thing I heard was Jim Morrison singing "Light My Fire." Spent a lot of time in NYC, which is why I still ride elevators instead of lifts. The first rock concert I attended was at the Fillmore East. That's where I met Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention. Frank handed me a chocolate teardrop and 9 years later actually wrote to me (see Appendix A). I appointed myself president of the local chapter of United Mutations.

In 1968 I went looking for a mad Jewish girl who used to hang out at the Singapore National Library and found myself picking up the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching. That same year I lost my virginity and immediately became a father. By 19 I was a certified lunatic. What actually happened was that my kundalini awoke and I broke through to unfamiliar levels of consciousness. I was released from the funny farm 3 months later, synapses suitably scrambled by 110 volts through the brain.

I changed my name to Aladdin Sane and got a job in advertising. The next year I won a slogan-writing competition and quit. For a while I practised tantric yoga, turned vegetarian, gave up cigarettes and enjoyed being called "daddy" by two delightful daughters.

Later I got involved in the arts: acted in plays, played harp in a bluegrass band called K.D. Possum & The Flying Fox, released a couple of solo albums, dabbled in photography, and wrote reviews in the local papers.

Took me 4 years to get reporters to spell my name with a 3rd E. To get my mother to do the same it took nearly 17. People asked me why 3 E's and I explained it was the cheapest way to extend my personality, fulfill the law of 3's, and sport a 7-letter name.

I met R. Buckminster Fuller (the thinking man's saint) in 1973. At a conference on the future in 1975, I connected with him again and he let me adopt him as my grandfather (see Appendix B). Bucky reaffirmed my view that Utopia was a jollier place to live than Myopia. He also helped me restore my trust in the Universe. "Do what you feel you must do and Universe will look after you," he said. "I'm an old man," he added, "I wouldn't give you dangerous advice." Not long afterwards I resigned from the concept of having to sing for my supper. I haven't gained weight since (but I've had lots of free lunches).

Traveled a fair bit between 1982 and 1987 and fell in love a lot. Received my first commission to write a book and the result was Adoi! in 1989. It gave me the pleasure of autographing something.

Met a muse goddess named Marilya Corbot and began making music with her. Became a member of the Dead Poets' Society in November 1989 when I was introduced to Robert Graves through the ouija board - but that's another unpublished manuscript.

Several significant transformations occurred in 1992: I observed the Activation of the 11:11 Doorway announced by a visionary named Solara and became Antares Numi*On, ceremonial guardian of Magick River. Long-time friends chuckle about my penchant for strange names (yes, I collect them, it's less hassle than postage stamps), but "Antares Numi*On" isn't so much a name as an indicator of star lineage and job description.

In March 1993 I submitted to a powerful emotional clearing and experienced a spectacular 3D ego death. This time around I managed to get myself released from the madhouse in only 3 weeks. (It would have taken only 2, but a whole week was spent sitting out the Easter holidays.)

I figured it was the right time to release this posthumous collection. People say you sell much better when you're dead. And if that doesn't do the trick, I'll put my name down for the Resurrection. And the Ascension.

In fact, the Whole Works.

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