brainworks mainspring windup time's up
rundown railway motion
waxdummy toenails analog computer rhyme
punchcard peanut vendor porkpie oldhat
flatfoot stepping
goosepimple speckface churchyard mudstick
poltroon of the ars
longa vitamin briefcase
pox pontillions forever befoul thine countenance
ejecting perfect parody for fun & exhaustion
limbo incommunicado
with no habeas of corpuscle or compunction
perfunctory gaschamber portfolio
zero utmost power
overjoy underpants gainloss offset
remember the margarine grossnet prophet
quick brown fox status quotient
pianoleg passion
ovary rainbow birdblue sky scrapedknee
capgun bigbang
crosscrossing shoestring sausage unsung saga
factory closedown fuseblown windsock eternal
foammouthing pillowhead mastermind
game over goodbye

softfocus wideshoulder angletilt blindmiller
pancake factor maximum viewfinder & keeper
wornout duckvoice
loudspeaker output dub
tapehiss shortcircuit neural synapses
broken connective
tissue sandpaper ballsmooth
veterinary sciencefiction autopsy
turvy horsebridle looselipping
soresaddle & sadderwise
continuing ongo
enough bubblegum sweet nothings
earplug in therefore
the wherefore of warfare for wellmeaning


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