early daybreak lightning knight
awake from midnight to midmorn
and the next noontide beyond

ride on! bright beacon
cradled upon the 2nd crescent
moon on a saddle of

shining past the future
and the present
aeon of irony
across vast vistas
deep oceans of woebetidings
and dark despair

anarchetypal no-law-abiding
keeper of the archean strand
of starflare fiber
may the wonderful vibrant
singing of mad saints
greet your ears
ringing the sun
a rainbow appears

faint visions
of discs flashing
in your eyes
All for the One

brainblow implosion
which some call psychosis
or some other misquotum
your sis and mum
picked up from
the prince of proboscis
who mistook the mike
for the p.a. system
and forgot to hook up the

turning on
empty volumes
of preelection promises
broken fuming hollowness
full of foulness
ill-omened howls and hisses
which the awoken Will dismisses
in the fernfresh goldengreen

bringer and harbinger
of the new sun's scion
the hummingbird's mystic wingview
shielding you from
Suspicion of
the wakeful Night


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