Gratitude rebounds
And multiplies
Resonating, reverberating
In vertebrae & Out
Through vertiginous verticalities
Of early morning smilingness
Spinning little heads around
Like pirouetting angels
On a pinprick of planet

Ha ha ha
Pippy why?
One of us
keeps locating
The Mother Lode
Of yogic logic
In the simple word

And everything is
Reminded (easily forgetting otherwise)
That none of it
Has everbeen & will neverbe
For nothing

Indeed not! But
The 3rd Eye-Opening
Braille of Grail -
Ear-trumpeting Jerichoes of
Walls & Wails
And serpent tails -
Facilitating the resuscitating
Lazarus tale of long songs
Old & New & Always Young

In algebra of alchemy:
(Pb to Au)rora aureum
Or the Iron to the Ion Age,
Transmuting commuters to communers,
I.e., communication so-called
Becomes communion true -
While at long overdue last
The Last Supper gives rousing rise to
The First Breakfast
On the New Morning
Of a finer (finally finite?) finale

Rhapsodic (enough the episodic!),
Melodic, Odic, Odd-(or Even syntropical,
Symphonical, asymptotical)-yssey
(2 Ds??) [Oh yes, I see!] of
Goshwon trueblue Who-Man-
Kin-(here's your 3rd "D" back)-d!

December forever to
Remember (hardly forgetting unotherwise)
That none of anything
Will everbe & has neverbeen
Just Something-Out-Of-Nowhen/where/how/why
When you & I & everyone (plus Them!)
Becomes, can be, and is an intelligentle


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