HOW CAN MAN (A Poem in Manglish)

everytaim you say like dat
i ask you how can man
peeple not so stoopid nowadays
not like lastaim yutingwat
now we all go to universiti
sure can ting for oursell wat

come from small town jinjang joe
but we can blarf like tera man
not orways tokking like dis lah
infrun of mat salleh kenoso say
north-south disparities
it's bloody highway robbery!
no problem wat wen east meets west
our home is malaysia it's the best

everywhere got recession
but here we tok progress
wen we shout merdeka! and berjaya!
you know we min bees-nest
wat's the secret of our success ah?
well we put alotof hajinomotosan
to make our wawasan more sedap

but ofcos lah nowhere is parrot-eyes
here sometaims not so nice istru
got corruption and pollution
some more tera traffic jam
seemply shahdap lah and work like mad
anyhow can make money and survive wat

mebbe must bribe sum dirty bugger first yala
still not so bad as indonesia wat
over there lagi teruk man
watudu lah everyone must cari makan
and here we all so lucky one
anytaim can eat


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