I swallowed some creamson powder
from the sacred mushroom
and sheets of angelic sound
rained like psychedelic pancakes
on my bean
forcing me to heave a sigh
and explode an eye
hologram rainbow in the sky

signify! dignify!
those who seek to pigmify
pointing spoonfingers at eli
just can't see what a horror it is to be
another cog in their machinery

simplify! pimplify!
the elementary penguin to deny
the cellophane toothpaste to apply
talking to professors of proctology
spouting froth with mock apology

oh the mushroom mourns
the mysterious death of knobby dick
who vanished in a sea of catchy slogans
and perished with fungus on his fins
so remember to well the juices deep
and keep your crosses fingered
when I finally eject my fat harpoon
you won't regret you lingered


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