ODONTALGIA (or O! don't! a Gila Monster)

longlife to yon Widowstar of
bawdy thigh,
a Mother astride a heathen hog
in tights from the land of DogmaMoo.

El erectile Polyp! Pontoon to abmormal Jobsession, martyred bedlamite so dear to mummery...

Weak dupeheads!
                Meaty are red nostrils!
                                     Fake almanacs of fetishit!

     ye Grand
                     ... on of Dread:

     oats aboil, diapers slain by Realty
     & in a new aeon's wondery ear a doombird thinks
     it's deaf. (Factually beaning my legume a veined
     banana of mercy & truth!
Dear Doctor, yourine looks wet...
It's no maggoting matter,
             tanggod I even leer at rain.
     Mock wool
                   blocks my gelletin eggroll car!
     Creamy alephantskin drops mucus,
                                                      eruct a
     even as evil dandrumm itches the hairy trumpet,
                             live healthily, preaches the Heavenly Pump:
                                                 Blessed be thy heavy thumb!

Hearty me lads as we heed & hearken (aswellaswill) but
                                          hearth of earring am I still.
                Yet in their splayphooted mirth,
They say those bluearsed Terramites are really
     treepangs of the
     Tangogritty Mortician Urchch...
          so all ye eunuchs, unite  & urinate upon the
      cathodic gargantuan crutch!
      (me, i micturate into the eternal alien
                                          timefile & emit a smile)...

O hebrew hymeneal eyepiece:
     this spectral harem o' mine; miserably harried
                        here I lie,
serpentslither writherdowner of my penispine; by
     the slimy lips of Her prettypink oshole a hornet zips,

Enlist the sextit, for the ribald dontoot gets so noisome
                                            dying... send me no
     free abortifacts or Magnetic Charters of belated grief
                            in organized lament (rather the
     lingering orgasm of her boaconstrictor kisses)...

Seaurchins take soapbubble baths
                        as Sol ablutes the poison
                        thrust of Ruthful hurts,
quickly Quinking my toy squid squirts!


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