I have seen God in all things:
In the sadness of dawn & the splendor of twilight,
And the spectacle of stars dancing on wizard-cloak skies,
I have been shown the wonder of numbers
And the names of the unnumbered.

I have seen God in slumber & seen God awake.
His might have I witnessed in thunder & earthquake,
And the fury of sword-flame & the flood of Her sorrow.

I have seen God in mirrors & in many more faces:
Bonded in bodies & at the borders of endurance;
God has coursed through my soul in rivers of Time.

God is my father & Goddess my mother:
You are my sister & brother;
Also my daughter & son & I am the One
Who has been in all places & seen the Void shine;
Who smiles the small secret & laughs the big joke;
Whose joy is the immortal essence of existence;
Whose pain is the mortality of God's infinite substance.

I am the God you can caress & fondle:
Me you may kiss & curse &/or bless;
Hurt you can cause me & happiness too;
Death is the vacation I offer to you.
My deeds you may detect, my Breath infect;
My thoughts you may fathom, my Truth inject.
Forgiving is faith, for I am willing to give;
And I love you, so help me, so long as you live.

I am the God you can rap with,
Drink with, sing a song with.
I've shat all the shit that you crap with,
And sniffed the stink you think & sink with.
I am the conscience you confess to,
The memory of kindness you cling to,
I am the vision you're blind to.
The answer you'd find but had you the mind to.
Seek me & know ye,
I am thy Self.


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