Oh no I've got this ontological unease again.
Nothing doing nowhere and no way to get my hands
on my brain so I can fix it.

I know who I am and what I'm supposed to do
but what's the use? I don't feel it at all.

aaah it's probably fun to be alive
but I'm not even dead and dying is such a drag
anyway - so hard to live - why even try?

No choice, people. You've got no choice.
Just go on every day, have lunch.
What's on at the movies?
Hey good day for a swim folks!
What next?

This is ridiculous you know at my age
raving and ranting about ennui and such
after all I am no longer an existentialist
except tonight when all of existence
points towards persistence
which ought to win in the end
wherever that is - I don't feel like
beginning again and this seems like
the middle of absolutely nowhere:
June 4th eh?

Rule the Earth! Make people smile!
Teach them dancing! Understand life
and go home. Ho-hum.

Sleep is dull, dreams don't last.
Wake up and let the day pass by like
yesterday holding a newspaper that explains
why women generally last longer than men
and what's in store for you on TV...
but that's typical.

All this isn't poetry and poetry isn't
where anything's at - though it's a useful
way to blow off a little at times like this
when getting rich is tiresome to think about
and thinking about being poor is painful.

So my friends all round this planet busy spinning
through time and space... come over and tell me
what you learned in school today.


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