Parrot of Maddogs!
Paradigm for sad songs & the farfetched
Paragon of Stretchsocks!

Righting wrongs &
Smiting smells &
Fighting pongs,
Draconian & strong
Valiant guardian of ladies, babies,
Munchkins & Wongs.

So charming & princely!
So very kind to victims of Kinsey
And such a heartwarming minstrel of whimsy.
Like Lenny Da Vinci he's a
Humorer of hymens,
Smoothsayer of saws,
A demon of semen &
God of guffaws.

Woe to those
That are smote
By the blow of his totally big toes
In the true name of phrenzy.


Dedicated to the memory of Wong Mun Kin (1948-2005)

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