This whole exercise is aimed at the proper development of epithalium around the nostrils of your overself

Power of Serpent Infinity
Universal Symbol in the dance & the dream
He/She/Me eternal trinity
Yin/Yang of my Yoniverse
Projection of Thought times the Velocity of Will
equals the Manifestation in spectral hallucinograms
of hysterical research
(doomed to the womb of corruption)

Blasphemy on the lips of Truth
Banish desire for ever more
Desired never the less
The Word is a moment of magical silence
punctured by a silver pin
no angels spin upon

Across the desert of endless desperation
stares an ancient camel whose eyes
have been entered by heavenly needles
and whose hump bears the imprint of forgetfulness
The stump of what used to be the original Oak
Now consumed in the raging conflagration
of restless nightfall
And sleepy minds locked in a vault
asphyxiated by sheer lack of love


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