Allaha illahahaha ho ho
hee hee he who has no name address
occupation phone number says Hello
to no one & never says goodbye
because he is & we are & Good
be always with us even when we're bad
enough to burn forever in the cold
of empty hello hells it doesn't end
this way or that is what I've found
by losing the game of craps called Life.

Ananda is another word for Bliss
and is not ignorance no way for
we all know that knowledge is power
and power corrupts  & Almighty Power
is absolutely corrupt having absolute
power - right? Wrong again, the ultimate
power is never absolute for complete
dominance cannot exist without total
enslavement, hence Free Will,
of necessity.

Miao is what the cat says in Chinese
meaning essence or quintessence even if
five is not the limit but then we are
essentially quinquelementally confined
to sight, touch, hearing, smell & taste,
though some use their faculties to advantage
while others abuse their senses with the
numbing nonsense of nonessential strife
which they carelessly consider a part &
parcel of the otherwise boundless bundle
of fun & joy that's truly, truly Life.

Resurgam! shouts the martyr laying him down
to sleep on procrustean beds of weekday
nights & weakened will to fight but
as day dawns he dons again the quixotian
helm of holey head that's perforated through
with neutrino particles & gamma rays
descending from the heavens on a bombing
mission in the continuing war of unarmed
Armageddon wherein the winners will be
those who have nothing to lose by losing.


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