return! return! return!
loving ecstasy, essence of eternity

tear up the timetable
tear down the stables of augean agony
my task is over
the fruit is ripe
we shall taste it
by and by

success! completion! victory!
we have forever vanquished death
darkness is no more
than a sanctuary for lovers
the long sleep is but a refreshment
of sweet dreams

bill blake! bill cody! duck bill!
laughter hurts no one
for we have traced the river of tears
to its source and found it to be
the spring of heavenly mirth
drink deep and be renewed

outside! inside! between!
the three layers of reality's spongecake
taste good together
what i see and what i am
is only as real
as i feel

yesterday! today! tomorrow!
is now, always now, forever
the sun shines
in more than one sky
and i love you
in more than one universe
it's true

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