so why the pain
the heartache & mental strain
must you & i meet & part
like ocean & shore
just because they say all things obey
the play of time & tide & moon & sun & seed
is that why we have to pause before
we safely may proceed?

so why do we tire ourselves
with the bonds of struggle &
the demands of society
when all we want is a gentle paradise
where true love can flourish
in all its variety?

so i make a special wish upon the stars so bright
pretty as candles on the cake of cosmos tonight:
that you will delight me with a dream of splendor
& wake me with caresses & kisses so tender
& make me confess what i feel deep inside
the happiness of a groom beside his bride
& then with a divine smile upon our face
our beings intertwined in perfect grace
we shall be shakta & shakti - me & you
yabbing & yumming for a blissful aeon or two
sleeping together in any old weather
through the storms of change
in our home on the range
snug in the archway of our rainbow bridge

at the dawn of glory
nevermore to leave
but free to stay
in the infinite ocean of pure love
where porpoises play
& there will be no end to our story
which begins anew
whenever lovers sigh
& whisper "i love you"


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