Do you think I'm stupid?
Do I think you're stupid?
Two stupid people being themselves,
their stupid selves,
what a waste of time.

Intelligence, like everything else,
fills a spectrum
with omniscience at one extreme
and nescience at the other.

Our popular concepts of clever/stupid
are degrees of intelligence
in flux, i.e.,
a unitary consciousness
functions on waves of brain,
hence the peaks and valleys
of routine thinking.

As minds move towards the overmind
the fluctuations lessen
and oscillations smoothen
into alpha rhythm.

Smart and stupid do not exist
in the subtle dance of consciousness
which lies beyond the rudiments
of everyday thought.

'Everyday thinking' is mostly
a preprogrammed replay
of conditioned responses
to local environmental
stimuli - or the lack thereof.

Therefore don't waste your time
thinking about being smart or stupid.
If you must,
just think,
and your thoughts will find their own level.


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