people ask me how i am
& i wonder what to say
very well thank you c'est si bon
ha ha  - & then i'm gone
oh people are sometimes a pain in the ass
but then again a pain in the ass is sometimes fun
one man's meat is another man's bun
you've heard it said before
problem is there's never enough
stuffing in the sausage
(even in this the age of packaging)

people keep crying out for more
but more of what they just don't know
it's always a question of quality
if i could find just one good reason
i wouldn't mind losing out on rhyme
& if reasoning ever did any good
i'd be a man for all seasons
(this isn't a poem
it's a letter to the editor)


wisdom is folly's best friend
they travel hand in hand
it's lots of fun being foolish or wise
& such a drag to have to be
so smart & yet so stupid
to see so much & yet be blind
to simple things like being kind
being friendly & honest & loving -
all essential qualities divine!


the fussy person meows all day
disliking the menu of living
nothing seems ever right
until there's nothing left


goodness is a law unto itself
the universe is joy & love
mystery unveils herself seductively
wooing the mystic in her bridal bed
but scientists scribbling in their notebooks
seldom learn to read the signs
so clearly written on the walls
of every room in every house of mind


see me swiftly flying
towards you with a smile
watch me slowly dying
in the rank & file
& know that i am trying
to find one word worthwhile


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