Know ye not then, O silent sufferers,
That we are in Hock!
In the pawnshop of civilization,
Hapless pawns upon the checkerboard of
Buy & Sell; and know ye not, too,
That there be no other Hell
Than within the mortgaged mind of Man.

But be of sturdy faith and stout heart,
O friends and lovers of the Holy Glory.
For He Who Redeems is ever with us
And He is known by many names,
And to all is shown by forms familiar;
Yet however different is one and the same,
For ever and again, the Prince of Peace,
Yea, the Lord of Love and, verily,
The Light of Manifested Being, eternally.

Address not your selfish prayers to
The Redeemer; for nowhere can He be reached
Save in the innermost core of Self.
Indeed - and heed this well, O Son of Adam
And Daughter of Eve - the Divine Spark of Hope
Is kindled deep inside thine own Heart;
And selfless love, simple and pure,
Is the mystic fuel of thine Spiritual Flame
Which burns bright as a billion Suns
But does not consume, like the radiant glow
About the sacred bush that Moses beheld,
It is the very sign and symbol of the Power
And the Glory of the King of Heaven and Earth,
Whose home is in your Heart,
And in whose Merciful Heart
Thou shalt seek thine Home.

Therefore, dear Children of Dawn in darkness,
Be compassed with the total memory of Truth;
And wander no more ghostlike in the labyrinth
Of Godless life, for that is the only Death!



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