Vote for me
The Macho Man said.
Please cast your ballot
In my favor.

If there's one thing
A Macho Man
Can't stand,
It's being told
He's lost the poll.

Empty your boxes,
We'll tally the votes
And pray god the results
Don't add up to a
Low Sperm Count
For that would be
Tantamount to...

Er, listen, Doctor...
Dear Kindly Doctor,
Kindly doctor the Books
(We Are Not Crooks!)
And send that Fat Man the Bill.

With your hand in the till
You may do as you will,
Rattle your vinyl seeds
And your styrofoam beads.
You can fool most of the people
Most of the time
But you won't get away with
Trying to cheat Nature.
Isn't that why you're hellbent on
Destroying Her?


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