1:11 PM 23 MARCH 1993

nothing happened
at 1:11 pm on the 23rd of March

Time came to a crashing halt,
that's all

but as to be expected that didn't stop
the clocks from ticking on;
calendars stayed right where they hung
on every wall;
and the billions of two-legged
three-brained beings known to each other
as people...

well they just continued with their daily routines:
punching in & out of clockwork orange reality,
swallowing their multivitamin pills,
drinking another cuppa,
one more cup of coffee for the road, amigos!

and everything's fine again, mickey,
you better believe it

finnegan woke & had a smoke
and then he died laughing
at our latest joke

3:44 pm 1.IV.93

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