All ye unseen seers...
All ye unheard-from messengers...
Hearken to this call:

Despair surmounts the wall
Of determination.
Patience is abomination;
While the heavyhearted wait
Extends its duration
Past the poles of endurance;
And the only mass that matters much
Is measured by its weight.

Heed this outcry,
O ye guardians of the void:
Even as the helpless die
Those who ought to be of help
Are busy filling celluloid.

Life is art, some say,
And shortly after,
Artlessly they pass away.
But is there no real art
As no life is but death?
Is it naught but fart
In protean gaseous shockwave
Caught, the fetid breath of
Buttocks, aetiological?
Waste products of mystic
Bullocks, exhausted by the strife
Of art, cartelogical?

O grief!
The gryphon & the gargoyle
Crouching side by side
Along the crumbling
Concrete parapet:
Blocks of black,
Cracked & clogged,
Bespouted & grotesque,
And winged with taloned
Flaps of careless scorn...
Not of Celeste but
Of Cymbellinus born!



Mythological footnote: "Cymbellinus"could well be the hermaphrodite patron god(dess) of Unnatural Selection - but more likely both names are pure concoctions, poetic licence.

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