i am open
to whatever happens
because i know
that everything has its origin
in the depths of within
where all worlds
are ideated
& created
according to the design
of the infinite mind
through which
my own thoughts
are expressed
in feedback loops
of miraculous

i am free
to experience
limitation - or
the illusion thereof -
so that i can process
the information
borne by the light
of the multitudinous stars
that embody the spirit
of my original
& ultimate
vastness - a vastness
so great it can only
comprehend itself
as the sum-total
of infinitesimal

i am alive
& awake to all
& all probabilities
in this most improbable
of all realities
in the eternal
warp & woof
of unfolding mystery
revealing itself
each moment
each exquisite &
surprising moment
ever the now
& forever
of my story
in essence


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